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Turning Ordinary Into Extraordinary!

What can Switch Design do for you?

Whether you are a home owner or Realtor looking to sell your property quickly and for the highest profit, or just interested in a fresh look for your home, Switch Design is here to help!

A prospective buyer decides whether to purchase a house within the first few minutes of walking through the front door…first impressions matter! Switch Design will work with you to make sure your property makes the right kind of impression. I am an expert at “Making Good…BETTER!”




What is Home Staging?

Your home represents a major investment. Smart homeowners understand the value that Home Staging plays in selling this valuable asset.

However, Staging is more than just packing up personal photos and organizing closets. At Switch Design, I look at many key factors when creating the balance and mood needed to sell a home. My goal is to accentuate your home’s best features and showcase it in the best possible manner.

I am a Staging Professional that will create a plan to suit your situation – whether you need a little guidance or a complete home make over.




Helping Home Owners

Emotional attachment to a home can make it easy to overlook flaws that potential buyers will in fact see. When you work with Switch Design, you get a professional, impartial plan for preparing your home to appeal to more potential buyers.

I provide more than just a neutralized, sterile looking space plan – as I make Staging recommendations, I am mindful of the dreams, aspirations and lifestyle of the target audience. Switch Design helps your home tell its story to potential buyers.

Helping Realtors

We all know that when selling a property, Real Estate Professionals can choose from a broad range of marketing tools to attract buyers. Home Staging is one of these tools for many of the Spokane area’s most successful Brokers.

I consider myself part of your Real Estate Team. Professional photography is a must in showcasing your listing but you can’t forget the essential first step prior to photographs, getting your listing prepped and ready for photos. That is where Switch Design comes in. Just as a stylist prepares a star for a photoshoot, I help homeowners prepare their home for its photoshoot. I have successfully navigated through 100’s of homes in the Spokane area, taking them from good enough to best in show!




Occupied Staging

Moving is not an easy task and can be overwhelming . . . here is where I can help.

Many times, homeowners will continue to live in their home while it is listed for sale. This is perhaps the most valuable time for having a Home Staging Plan…it’s a game plan for creating and maintaining an inviting space for potential home buyers while you still live in the home. The way you live in your home when it is on the market is completely different from how you would normally live in your home. A Switch Design Staging Consultation takes the guess work out of “what do I do” and leaves you with a detailed list of what you should do.

The Staging Consultation begins with a thorough evaluation of the property. With an eye toward how the home will be viewed through listing photography or in-person showings, no detail is overlooked. I review property condition, furniture arrangement, and use of space. By the time I leave, you will have all of the information you need to prepare your home for photographs and showings. Should you desire some assistance with the implementation of the Staging Plan, Switch Design would be happy to help! Contact me for more details.




Will Staging Really Affect Your Home Sale?

It’s a proven fact that Staging works. Data shows that a minimal investment in Home Staging results in big dividends – you recoup your Staging dollars by selling your home faster thus avoiding a costly price reduction.

A well-Staged home also creates a positive first impression for potential home buyers both online, in print, and in-person. It highlights the desirable attributes of the home, suggests care by the homeowners, and will help the prospective buyer envision living there. I am skilled at creating a welcoming, neutral, universally appealing space that will target the appropriate potential buyer.

Who Is Switch Design...

Jennifer Nicholson

I founded Switch Design because I love “Making good. . . better”. My ability to walk into a space and visualize how it can be its best is a talent I have crafted over the years. The before and after transformations I have witnessed over the years continue to inspire and motivate me and keep me doing what I love.



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Let the professional at Switch Design help you make the best first impression!


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